Disciple of Christ, Education in Virtue provides a variety of resources to help you learn about the virtues and to teach them. However, it can be easy to miss one of my favorite things–the prayers. Each prayer was written by a Dominican Sister and captures the essence of the virtue. I find myself turning to these prayers when I am trying to work on a virtue.

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This week, I would like to focus on responsibility which includes fulfilling our just duties as well as accepting consequences of our words and actions, intentional and unintentional. The prayer for responsibility offers the clearest understanding.

Dear Jesus, 
Please help me to be faithful in
all the duties You have entrusted
to me this day, fulfilling each
with great care and love!

a prayer cultivating responsibility

 I love the emphasis on “entrusted to me this day”. It can be so easy to spend time worrying about the past or daydreaming about the future, that we forget the tasks before us in this moment. When we take responsibility for our actions as well as the duties before us, we give witness to the beauty of fidelity. God’s grace and love are present to us in the moment. May we strive to be responsible to all our tasks but especially those entrusted to us today. 

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