A bird in your mailbox. Curious? I hope so. As we anticipate the Solemnity of Pentecost, I thought it would be good to send a Gift of the Holy Spirit each day. Understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they relate to the virtues can be challenging. Therefore, I will send an e-mail each evening to briefly explain the gift, their effects, and a short prayer for the next seven days. 

May this enable you to live more fully the spirit of adoption which you received at baptism. Fully living the spirit of adoption frees us to live with simplicity, trust, and filial love of God the Father. We begin to “see” the events of daily life and the world differently. In fact, the perspective changes from a natural worldview to a Catholic (universal) Christian worldview. The Spirit cries out with us, “Abba Father” for we know and believe He will provide for us as He does the birds in the sky and the lilies in the field (Matthew 6:25-32).  

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