Honesty is the first virtue related to temperance that we will unpack. We would all agree that there is nothing more refreshing than a person who is honest. In relation to temperance, honesty extends beyond right and wrong. It strikes to the core of a person, that is one who is sincere, open, and truthful. For this person, there is no contradiction between words and actions.

As I write this description of honesty, there’s one person of whom I think—my father. Among his many virtues, honesty first comes to mind. He has a lot of one-liners which I often mentally re-play. Let me share a few with you all: 

  • “Don’t speak until your story is straight.”
  • “It is easier to tell the truth than tell a lie.”
  • “You sleep better when you are honest.”
  • “Lies always chase you.”
  • “Be honest; you sleep better.”

Granted, it can be challenging to listen to his honest thoughts, but I also know his words flow from a loving heart. He is a balanced, sincere, and disciplined man, enabling him to have good, honest judgment. This week, I encourage you to think about the people in your life who are honest and look to see if they also live an integrated balanced life.

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