Last week I unpacked the meaning of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love. If you missed the newsletter, you could find it

I thought it would be helpful to offer some practical ways you can pray for an increase of the theological virtues and nurture them in your daily life. 


Practical Example:  

  • I try to grow in understanding of all God has revealed: 
  • I read and meditate on the Bible. 
    I do spiritual reading, taking time to read books that will feed my 
    spiritual life (books about Christian living; books by the saints or  
    about the saints; the Catechism of the Catholic Church; websites;  
    faith-based podcasts or blogs; talks)
  • I ask God for a stronger faith in Him and friendship with Him by going to  
    Mass, going to Confession, and spending daily time with God in prayer. 



Practical Example:   

  • I trust that God loves me, even though I’m not perfect.  
  • When I am going through a hard time:  
    • I look at a crucifix or cross to remember how loved I am. 
    • I choose to remain joyful and patient in the midst of suffering. 
    • I continue persevering with God’s help, trusting that He is with 
      me and leading me.  



Practical Example:   

  • Love of God:  I treat God as the top priority in my life (in the way I use  
                            my time, in the choices I make).
  • Love of Self: I treat myself (body and soul) with respect. 
  • Love of Neighbor: I am willing to make sacrifices and to deny myself  
                                 for the sake of others. 

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