The doctrines, or what I will refer to as the mysteries of our faith, are how God reveals Himself to us. “A mystery is not that which is unknown; it is that which is made known.” –Echoing the Mystery, pg. 14  

As sons and daughters of God, we are capable of knowing and understanding what God has revealed. He desires for us to know and love Him, and yet, we must do our part and strive to comprehend all He has revealed to us through the Deposit of Faith—Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium. We can only love what we know—therefore, let us spend a little time each week to understand more fully the mysteries of our faith.  

From our resource Echoing the Mystery, we will start with the Existence of God. Each doctrine begins with the Divine Perspective—what does He wish to reveal to us in this mystery?   

In His infinite goodness, God left in His creation traces and evidences of His existence,  
power, and wisdom, that men might seek Him, and, reaching out to Him, might find Him. 

For the next week, reflect upon this mystery by looking for traces of God in creation.

Spot the Virtue

Spot the Virtue (recognizing virtue in another person)  

Each week under this section, we will focus on one virtue and offer suggestions on how you can “spot it” in another person.    

For example, this week, we will focus on Docility, a willingness to be taught or listen to others, and a sense of flexibility.    

As you look for it in others, prudently think about how you communicate this to them in a manner in which they will receive it positively. Here is an easy way to frame how you would express your observation:  

  1. Name the Virtue 
  2. Explain how you recognized it
  3. Show gratitude and appreciation for who they are  

This intentional way of communicating observation is essential for building relationships by offering meaningful feedback instead of short praise.

It may sound like the following example:  

  • Name: John, I have noticed you have been docile in class and attentively listening  
    to the lesson.   
  • Explain: Your attention in class is a witness to your classmates and shows respect  
    toward me.  
  • Express: I am grateful for you and your actions which show your willingness to listen  
    and be taught.    

During the next week, try to be attentive to this virtue present in another person. Spot this virtue in at least one person this week.   


Each day this week, recite the following prayer as you reflect on the existence of God: “God has made His power known through creation.” –see Romans 1:19-20  

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