In recent years, we have seen a surge of campaigns centered on kindness. It is truly heartwarming to see these initiatives, which show a genuine concern for the well-being of others. These are testimonies to the innate goodness of people and a desire to make a difference, on a natural level. 

Kindness lived on a supernatural level, that is, living from the love of God to the love of neighbor, is even more transformative. Here is why: Participating in a “kindness campaign” with people you don’t normally interact with can be much easier. Yes, it is fruitful, but isn’t it more challenging to be kind to those you rub shoulders with daily? (Your spouse, co-worker, friend, child, etc.) This is where we see virtue lived on a supernatural level, because we genuinely need to depend upon God’s grace to live genuine kindness and to sincerely go out of our way to anticipate the needs of those in our closest circle. It can be in simple ways, but these acts of kindness strengthen the bond of love and are transformative. 

Reflect upon this beautiful virtue and examine how well you live it. Also, try to be more aware of it in other people; but don’t be annoyed if it is lacking, because authentic kindness is rare, and when you experience it, you feel like you’ve encountered Christ. 

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