In the expression of prayer—vocal prayer, meditation and contemplation—we enter into this communion with God within our hearts.

— Echoing the Mystery 61:3 


Last week, I introduced the practice of recollection or being still in the presence of God. This stillness is essential to our interior disposition in any kind of prayer.  

The three forms of prayer are vocal prayer, meditation, and contemplation. These can be used interchangeably during our times of prayer. Let me briefly describe each type. 

    • Vocal prayer speaks to God, whether by mental or spoken words. 
    • Meditation seeks to understand what God has revealed and to allow the beauty of His truth to move our hearts so that we can understand and respond to what He asks of us. 
    • Contemplation is a gift of God and a gaze of faith that abides in union with Christ. 

It is important to approach prayer with an openness that you may participate in each form. Contemplation tends to be the form that requires the most patience and receptivity on our part, as we need to be willing to patiently wait for His gift. I encourage you not to give up, as God desires nothing more than to abide in your heart.

Spot the Virtue 

For St. Thomas Aquinas, honesty relates to temperance, as it regulates who the person is, at the core of their being. The honest person can maintain equilibrium and cannot be swayed by the turbulence of life or the actions of others. They are free to express their perspectives and don’t need the approval of others. In their presence, you experience an inner calm, because they are comfortable in their own skin. 

Honesty matures over a lifetime as one is faithful in small matters and seeks to use right reason in making decisions and taking action. As you can see, honesty is hinged to the other virtues of fortitude, justice, and prudence, yet it is rooted in temperance. 

     Name: Lauren, I was told by Miss Jenkins that you admitted it was you who threw the pencil in art class and not Jenny. 

     Explain: You could have let Jenny take the blame, but you knew being honest was the right thing to do. 

     Express: Thank you for your honesty in admitting the truth.

 Spot this virtue in one person this week. 


Read John 15 and reflect how abiding in Christ is the means to living an honest life. 

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