Planning ahead: the consequence of one’s actions

As I was preparing to write this reflection on foresight, I picked up the Virtue Field Guide to get some ideas. This practical application really struck me: “I think about what conversations are more appropriate to have in person instead of by text.”

Perhaps I am more sensitive to this, since one of the topics I often present on is understanding that the brain is a social organ and that we are made for relationships . Regardless, learning how to distinguish which conversations should take place in person is foresight put into practice. We all have experienced the negative results of miscommunication via text or email. Thinking ahead can prevent a lot of heartache!

The Gospel reading for Divine Mercy Sunday illustrates the beauty of the personal encounter. Thomas’ lack of faith diminished when he physically touched the wounds of the Risen Lord. May each of us hold this in mind when we are faced with conversations which would best take place in person.

Have a blessed Octave of Easter and bask in the graces of our Risen Lord.

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