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Catechesis Foresight Virtue

Why a Personal Encounter Makes a Difference

Foresight Rosary Virtue

Looking Ahead to the Month of the Rosary

Catechesis Faith Foresight Prayer Virtue

To Grow in Faith

Growth in faith and in prayer are connected.

Foresight Reflection Virtue

Why Should We Practice Foresight?

In Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, He instructs us to trust in... See More

Education Foresight Reflection Teach Virtue Virtue in the Classroom

THE Calendar Date

Since the invention of keeping a calendar or tracking time, people have developed thousands of... See More

Foresight Perseverance Prudence Prudence Reflection Virtue

Foresight & Perseverance

The wonderful truth about living a virtuous life is that when we grow in one... See More

Foresight Reflection


We often hear the importance of being proactive in situations; that is, planning and thinking... See More