In Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, He instructs us to trust in God’s providence and that His Father will take care of our needs. If this is true, why should we practice foresight? Because it is prudent to do so. Jesus was not instructing us to spend our lives as nomads or drifters; instead, He taught us to trust in God. Therefore, our planning should always be flexible and open to what God may permit for our spiritual and material well-being. Foresight requires docility or flexibility, knowing that things may change—in fact, things will change. 

We can’t be so rigid in planning our day, week, or life that we are not open to God intervening and working in our lives—often through other people or situations. 

Another aspect of foresight that should not be overlooked is analyzing a situation and recognizing potential problems or issues. This ability generally comes with age, experience, and maturity. People with life experience have a lot to offer the younger generation. May we encourage them to share their wisdom, so that we become neither too rigid nor too loose in our approach and outlook on life. It is always good to remember that God helps those who help themselves. 

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