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Catechesis Gratitude Virtue

Why a Gratitude Journal Can Change Your Heart

Gratitude Reflection Teach Virtue Virtue

The Fruit of Gratitude is Joy 

“Have you written a ‘thank you’ to your aunt for your birthday present?”  “Be sure... See More

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Virtue

Peace Be With You

Jesus rose from the dead, bringing us to share in the life of the resurrection.

Catechesis Gratitude Prayer Reflection Virtue

What if we’re not ready for Heaven?

God, in His merciful love, gives us purgatory to purify us after death if we... See More

Gratitude Reflection Virtue

Being Thankful – in Mind and Heart

Words are important. They can either build or destroy. The letter of James certainly reveals... See More

Gratitude Reflection Virtue

My Little Frog on the Window

Recently I had a conversation with a woman who has done extensive research on virtue.... See More

Gratitude Reflection Virtue

Practicing Gratitude

“Thank you”. Take a moment and reflect upon the times you have been thanked. When... See More

Gratitude Perseverance Reflection

God so loved…

In his recent Urbi et Orbi address, Pope Francis offered a powerful message for the... See More

Gratitude Patience Perseverance Reflection Virtue

Gratitude During Trials

The virtue of gratitude means “having a thankful disposition of the mind and heart.” Blessed... See More