“Thank you”. Take a moment and reflect upon the times you have been thanked. When we hear those words an inner sense of satisfaction wells up. Not that we were necessarily seeking it, but it is a sign that someone noticed our gesture of kindness or generosity.

It is always good to stop and ask ourselves—”What is the best way to express my gratitude? How can my actions reflect the gratitude in my heart?” Today we have so many means of communication, there really isn’t an excuse for not taking the time to express gratitude.

When I was young, I started a habit of thinking about the day and recalling all the good things that happened. I honestly don’t know why I started doing it but I do know that it changed my perspective on life. This is a practice I try to continue today and encourage you to give it a try!

Watch this great example of gratitude being practiced by our Sisters in southern California. To help with their long commute to school, a thoughtful family gifted the Sisters with a new Honda CR-V, chosen particularly for its safety features. The Sisters filmed and produced this ‘thank you’ video to express their gratitude. Honda may come knocking on our door for commercial rights.

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