Is your classroom ready for the fall? We know there is a lot of work involved in the preparation for the new school year–but good news! That work highlights the virtue of industriousness. Industriousness simply means diligent and hardworking.  Our task as educators is to mentor young disciples as they make the steps to follow in the footsteps of Christ. Are you ready?

Living virtuously is a journey in discipline, as we are always growing and striving. We invite you to join the conversation on social media this week as we take a deep dive into industriousness. You may have noticed that we recently started to earnestly provide you with uplifting content nearly every day. If you are not already, you will want to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter so you don’t miss out.

Diligently preparing for the school year with high motivation and productivity is a process which results in the gradual growth of fortitude. To encourage and motivate you in this season of preparation, we recommend viewing The Effects of Implementing the Virtues in School  featuring Angela Johnston.

Starter Kit

Need some help getting ready? Get our bundle of our most popular teaching resources The Education in Virtue Starter Kit and rest assured you will be ready to go. This pack gives you all the necessary teacher and student materials to begin implementing Education in Virtue®.  You’ll receive in a tote bag containing an  Educator’s Guide, a Life of Christ Lectio Divina, a virtue chart pack, a virtue card set and a saint card set.

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