Trustworthiness means being reliable. It can be easy to associate this with external actions as a virtue related to justice–to follow through with responsibilities and be reliable for any project. So, yes, these are essential characteristics of trustworthiness, but I think it goes much deeper. 

Trustworthiness relates most especially to the internal actions of justice. It shapes who a person is and how trustworthy they are in words and actions. The trustworthy person doesn’t hesitate to do the right thing and will keep your confidence—their word matters. You don’t expect this person to send a message at the last minute to cancel on a commitment. This person will participate in a task or project from start to finish. A trustworthy person is noble and possesses a dignity that positively impacts other people. 

All of us seek trustworthy people, especially in this time of confusion and misinformation. Therefore, let us not lose sight of this necessary virtue and actively cultivate it in ourselves and in the youth. 

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