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Each person of the Holy Trinity works in creation and salvation history. 


In any healthy relationship, the bond of love increases the more you know about the other person. It is a mutual exchange that builds trust and faith.  

With God, our faith increases through prayer, study, reading Scripture, and living a life of charity. As we intentionally spend time cultivating the bond of friendship, the Holy Spirit’s gifts of knowledge and understanding will move us to see with the eyes of faith and to be more attuned to the Word of God.  

Over the past several weeks, we’ve focused on the Holy Trinity. As we conclude our reflections on this mystery, I encourage you to select one of the passages in the prayer section below. These are manifestations of the Holy Trinity in Scripture where we can see God’s loving plan at work.

Spot the Virtue  

Circumspection is related to the cardinal virtue of prudence. It aids us in proper decision-making. While it seems similar to foresight, it applies more to making decisions by considering all circumstances which may impact it. A person who practices circumspection makes a decision and acts upon it. They don’t get stuck in over-analyzing and never making decisions. 

Look for this virtue in others this week. It may look and sound like the following:  

Name: I heard you telling Therese you needed time to think about whether to go to the movies tomorrow night because of the big test on Friday.  

Explain: This shows you are practicing the virtue of circumspection because you are carefully considering what the outcome may be if you don’t have enough time to study.  

Express: It is excellent that you can see how important it is to consider your options and consequences. 

This week, spot the virtue of circumspection when you see it being practiced by someone.


Select one of the following scripture passages which are manifestations of the Holy Trinity: 

Creation Genesis 1:1-2 (see also Catechism of the Catholic Church, 290-292) 

Annunciation —  Luke 1:26-38 

Baptism Luke 3:21-22 

Transfiguration — Luke 9:28-50 

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