Recently, I read an article about anger. While I can’t recall the source, I remember two points made by the author. First, she described Americans as having a culture of anger. Secondly, there was a fascinating comparison to Japan. Children in Japanese culture are taught to distinguish between the emotion they feel and how it manifests itself to the outside world. 

Just imagine the difference we would experience in social media alone if Americans learned how to handle their negative emotions or feelings of anger properly. The virtue of meekness is precisely what can and should teach our youth and perhaps some adults how to do this. So instead of taking hurt and anger to a Facebook or Twitter post, try to spend time acknowledging your hurt and discerning how to express it properly. 

The Japanese are taught to address their response directly to the person (which is Biblical) and to establish a proper boundary. Meekness enables us to acknowledge our feelings and respond accordingly. For example, wait twenty-four hours before responding, or walk away to allow reason to gain control of your emotions. 

May we learn from the Japanese and teach our youth about this virtue of meekness. And most especially, may we turn toward Jesus Christ, who asked us to come to Him, who is meek and humble of heart. 

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