Dear Jesus, 

Help me to notice ways that I can give to others. 

A special grace in my life was knowing John Cardinal O’Connor and spending time listening to him speak about his experience in life. One time he recounted an encounter with St. Teresa of Calcutta, in which she looked at him and said, “Give God permission.” This profoundly impacted his life and influenced how he lived. 

For years, I have reflected upon these words and have learned that this is the source of living generosity. When we permit God to act in our lives, we are united more to Him, Who is pure self-giving love. The eyes of our heart change as we see in every person a reflection of His image and likeness. This perspective enables us to give ourselves to others in small ways readily—and to also know when we should give by holding back and letting others do what they could and should do for themselves. Sometimes our greatest acts of love are letting go and allowing God to work within their hearts. 



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