Lord Jesus, 

You told us that You are “the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Since You are the Truth, please help me be genuinely sincere with everyone I meet today. Please give me an authentic desire to be present to them, encourage them, and honestly care about how my actions impact them. Amen.

Yes, a sincere person is truthful in words and actions. Even though the opportunities seem few, we have all met a person whose very presence and actions are genuine. For example, when they ask, “How are you?” it isn’t a simple question but one which solicits a truthful response. As a result, you feel safe expressing what is happening in your life.

While the sincere person will have a sense of humor and can readily laugh, negative humor, sarcasm, and foul language are non-existent in their speech. They are quick to take responsibility for their actions and to offer an apology for any wrongdoing.

If we are honest with ourselves, this is a virtue each of us aspires to cultivate and possess. First, it begins with deciding to love this virtue. Secondly, it includes prayer and an intentional desire to know yourself, to recognize your inauthentic words and actions honestly.

By knowing and living in the Truth, you will be able to cultivate this beautiful virtue and be a positive source of change in your home, school, work, and the local community.

We have enough imposters! Be true–be yourself–you matter!

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