Believing in and loving God means living in relationship with Him. 


When we lose a loved one, we long to be reunited with that person. Grief is different than just missing the person, we want that familiarity and connection back. That is just part of the human experience—we cling to what we know.  

As we reflect on the question from last week, “What is written on our hearts?” and that “piece that is missing,” as Venerable Fulton Sheen described it, we can see that we long for unity with God in heaven even more than we long to see our loved ones again someday. St. Catherine of Siena said, “All the way to heaven is heaven.” What we experience here on earth is a taste of what is to come. Our lives are transformed as we come to know God more and more. 

Spot the Virtue   

Responsibility is our virtue for the week. But instead of reflecting upon it just as the virtue of completing our jobs, let’s extend it a little deeper. That is, let’s think of responsibility as accepting the consequences of our words and actions, intentional or unintentional. So, when you feel the urge to be defensive, pause and reflect upon your own actions. Trust me, this is challenging, especially if what you did was unintentional.

When spotting this virtue in someone, look for the person who readily admits their fault in a situation; or perhaps someone who apologizes for something they did wrong. It may sound like the following example:      

Name: James, I noticed that you didn’t get defensive when Stephanie told you that your words upset her.    

Explain: Acknowledging this shows you take responsibility for what you said to her.          

Express: Thank you for admitting what you said was hurtful and for apologizing to her.    

This week pay close attention to those you encounter and, if they take responsibility, acknowledge it. Or perhaps you have a friend who naturally lives this virtue; take a moment to recognize it.  


Heavenly Father, my heart wants to be with You always. Be with me today, as I reflect on Your promise of eternal salvation, that one day I may see You face to face. 

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