Consideration of the consequences of one’s actions; thinking ahead.

Dear Jesus, when I come upon situations that require serious thought, please send Your Holy Spirit to guide me, that I may always do Your holy will. Guide me with Your counsel, and give me the courage to act rightly when it is difficult.


St. John Bosco
John devoted himself to training boys how to make a living and teaching them to love God. He believed that, instead of threatening young people with punishments, it was more effective to show them they were loved and trusted. Because of his foresight, many young men were kept off the streets and away from those dangers and temptations, embracing virtue and holiness instead.


  • I have an awareness of what’s coming up on my calendar.
  • I think and plan ahead.
  • I think before I speak.


Proverbs 20:4
In seedtime sluggards do not plow; when they look for the harvest, it is not there.

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